"Don't be tongue tied the next time an attractive foreign person smiles at you.
You do want to say something, don't you?"

If you are serious about meeting new people, and building relationships, you must know at least a little bit of Spanish or Russian or German.

Spanish is America's fastest growing language. It is also the most romantic language in the world. If you don't hablar some Spanish, you are missing out on a lot in life.

Russian is the language of the largest country on earth, and widely understood all over Eastern Europe, and increasingly Russia and Europe are becoming the new "Free World" or the "New World" with crazy freedoms that used to be an American domain, while America has become more 'mature' and reserved and more of an "Old World".

German is widely used in western Europe and Scandinavia and has always been recognized as the language of science and free thinking.

There is a way to learn basic Spanish or Russian or German, without going to any classes, without travelling overseas and without shelling out $1200 for a software course, and without paying $2500 for language classes.

You can learn German or Russian or Spanish the same way you learnt English - the easy way, without trying too hard. And that is what languagegirl courses can do for you. Just install it on your work desktop, and everyday when you get time, flip through a few pages.

It will happen naturally, and before you know it, you will notice that you are able to communicate in that particular language.

All of the languagegirl courses are focussed on one goal: building a relationship with a foreign person. The language skills you learn include basics that you need to be able to flirt, or pay compliments or go on a date or how to handle intimate moments or  even break up gracefully.

No other language course pays this much attention to relationship building and dating.

And if you are in a relationship, it is not enough to know how to give compliments, you also need to know how to ask everyday things like "Where is the towel?" and similar ordinary things that you will never learn on a big-name language course.

So stop limiting your romantic endeavors to your little circle, there is a big world out there , with millions of opportunities, and that special person whom you seek could very well be a foreign person.

We are interested in hearing about your foreign language romantic adventures. Email us without revealing any personally identifying information, and tell us your story.

Before you buy a languagegirl course, you should know why you are buying it:

Forget the Past, You Need a New Life
This is Your Opportunity, Grab It !

Only $ 19.97 per language

Nothing is More Exciting than dating a Foreigner!
Learn a Language, Date a Foreigner, Change your Life!
These are downloadable products. Once your payment is approved, you will receive a download link and a license key from ShareIt GmbH, Deutschland. Install the software. Place the unlock key inside the program folder. You are all set ! Learn your new language, meet someone, and change your life. Please note that license keys are hard-coded with your personal information, do not share these with anyone. You are allowed to use the program on upto three computers as long as they are all personally owned by you. Keysharing will constitute a copyright offence and will be prosecuted under the laws of the country of your residence. The program file itself may be freely shared without any modifications. Keysharing is strictly prohibited and will be tracked and prosecuted to the fullest extent.

System Requirements: Windows OS, Windows XP or newer versions. Not usable on Mac or Linux.

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